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Drilling a hole

Well Drilling is Our Speciality

Methods Have Evolved Considerably

When it comes to drilling a well, the contractor must drill a hole in the ground in order to eradicate the water from the ground. Exploring the nature of the subsoil material is described as drilling.

The first wells were dug by hand – shallow water wells in areas where the water table was close to the surface. They were usually constructed with wooden walls lining the inside in order to prevent them from collapsing.

Modern drilling techniques use long drill shafts that allow for much narrower and deeper holes than those that were produced by digging.

Well drilling can be accomplished either manually or mechanically. The nature of the equipment required varies from extremely simple to extremely sophisticated. Bourgeois Well Drilling uses a rotary drill or cable tool rig to drill wells, and the walls are supported by a steel casing. The depth of the well and the water pressure can vary depending on the location of the well.

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